Tomato Persimmon Bocconcini Salad with Dukkah

Tomato Persimmon Bocinccini Salad with Dukkah | The Laughing Table (1 of 1)

I know it’s a bit late but happy new year! I have to say, I’m pretty excited for it. After four and a half years of university, I’m officially finished my undergraduate degree in English Lit and History. It feels strange to be done and, honestly, a bit anti-climatic given I finished in the middle […]

Italian Wedding Soup

Bowl of Meatball Soup

My family takes our ancestry very seriously. The Ciceri side of my family is 6th generation Canadian on my grandmother’s side and Italian on my grandfather’s. It is the Italian blood that excites us though. My uncle exclaims proudly over ever Italian trope, my mother and I have been traveling through Bologna, Tuscany, Rome and […]