Tomato Persimmon Bocconcini Salad with Dukkah

Tomato Persimmon Bocinccini Salad with Dukkah | The Laughing Table (1 of 1)

I know it’s a bit late but happy new year! I have to say, I’m pretty excited for it. After four and a half years of university, I’m officially finished my undergraduate degree in English Lit and History. It feels strange to be done and, honestly, a bit anti-climatic given I finished in the middle […]

Indian-style Black Rice Pudding

Indian-style Black Rice Pudding 4

February is hard. Oh, there are lots of things I love about the month. Two of my best friends celebrate their birthdays (on the same day as each other no less) and Valentine’s Day has its myriad charms despite its aggressive consumerist flaws and the overwhelming pressure to be the most romantic you have ever been. Also, […]