Creamy Chocolate Cashew Milk

Cashew Chocolate Milk | The Laughing Table

Chocolate cashew milk is my new favorite addition. As a lactose-intolerant person, I often crave diary but have to curb the impulse. Sometimes, when I was younger, I would forget I couldn’t have lactose. One memorable time, I ordered a milkshake at one of those amazing dinners with almost-too-thick-to-drink-from-a-straw milkshakes in classic flavors like chocolate […]

Black and White Chocolate Birthday Cake

Black and White Birthday Cake1 | The Laughing Table

Birthday cakes are, in my eyes, one of the most important baked goods in the world. They are the ultimate tribute to a loved one and therefore must reflect their tastes as well as your own and that of their friends and family. These variables are compounded by amount of layers, icing flavors, decorative finishes […]

Indian-style Black Rice Pudding

Indian-style Black Rice Pudding 4

February is hard. Oh, there are lots of things I love about the month. Two of my best friends celebrate their birthdays (on the same day as each other no less) and Valentine’s Day has its myriad charms despite its aggressive consumerist flaws and the overwhelming pressure to be the most romantic you have ever been. Also, […]