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The dinner table is the foundation of family life in much of the world. As children, most of us grow up spending nearly every dinner at the familiar table steps away from a kitchen still rich with the scent of cooking food. It’s a symbol and reality of family life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for realities to intrude on the sepia toned setting. Working parents get busy, couples break up, children leave home and the dinner table becomes lonely.

In my case, the death of my grandfather, the reality of a single working parent and no siblings at home, contributed to a very short childhood at the family table. It wasn’t until I grew up into my twenties that I realized how much I appreciated the idea of a family table. Memories of cooking with my grandmother, an overlarge chef’s hat on my head and a child sized tasting spoon in my hand, began to haunt me, driving me to unearth forgotten recipes and cook again. Finding myself in the kitchen once more allowed me to recreate the family atmosphere I had cherished so much as a girl with new friends and family. It also gave me the necessary tools to take care of my family through various health situations over the years and gave me both power and independence in an otherwise helpless situation.

My passion for good food ignited but too young and single to settle down and have children, the idea of the family table took on another tone. I have made friendships rooted deep in the soul with people as different as noon and night. What an idea, I thought, to have them sit at our table with delicious food and good conversation. What a remarkable way to show our love. This was how The Laughing Table was conceived because as we all know, nothing pairs better with a bottle of burgundy and rich paprika spiced stew than full bodied laughter.

I hope this blog inspires you to gather your family and friends around the table too! If you want to contact me, my email is gabrielleciceri [at] gmail [dot] com

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