Curried Scrambled Eggs with Avocado, Bacon and Goat Cheese

Curried Scramble Eggs with Goat Cheese | The Laughing Table (1 of 1)

I love knowing what people eat for breakfast. What someone chooses to eat for the most important meal of the day is pretty telling. There are the people who wake up an hour early to make hollandaise sauce with their eggs, who eat the leftover french toast their children refused to finish before school and those who grab a granola bar on their route from the bathroom to the garage door. Those that grew up eating un croissant, dutch waffles with stroop syrup, Moroccan Baghrir pancakes or Chinese jook which consists of rice and pickled tofu.

If I could capture a snapshot of human life, it would be the morning routine. It’s such an intimate time, whether we realize it or not, when we physically and mentally prepare ourselves for the coming day. It’s where the idiosyncrasies come out to play because we don’t have the time or the wherewithal to mask them.

Curried scrambled eggs with avocado, bacon and goat cheese is the cornerstone of my morning routine. I love to get up earlier than I need to in order to create a bowl of subtly sweet and spicy eggs with three of my favourite things -avocado, bacon and goat cheese -and then eat them while I watch TV or flick through my favourite news aggregator, Zite. I love to make it for friends from out of town when I host them and for dinners when I’m too tried to even think about making something else.

I know the term ‘comfort food’ conjures images of certain things – gooey macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, chicken pot pie, lasagna – but I think your favourite breakfast is the most natural comfort food. You make the decision every morning to eat something that will start your day off right and it is, at least for some, a routine that has existed for years, maybe even since childhood.

I’d love to hear about your favourite breakfast and why you love it so much; comment bellow to share! And check out this and this if you are interested in what other cultures eat for breakfast around the world.

Curried Scramble Eggs with Bacon | The Laughing Table (1 of 1)


Curried Scrambled Eggs with Avocado, Bacon and Goat Cheese
Recipe type: Breakfast/Brunch
Quick and easy curry scrambled eggs with bacon, avocado and goat cheese.
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 2 teaspoons curry powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon ground pepper
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon milk (I use almond milk)
  • 2 tablespoons butter, salted
  • 3 strips of bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • ⅛th an avocado, diced
  • 1oz goat cheese
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 F. Cover a small baking dish or tray with tinfoil and evenly lay out the strips of bacon. Cook in the oven for 12 minutes or until it reaches your desired crispiness. Place the bacon on paper towel and pat dry.
  2. Heat a pan over high heat while you whisk together the maple syrup, curry powder, salt and pepper in a medium sized bowl. Add the eggs and milk, whisk gently until combined.
  3. Lower the pan to a simmer or the lowest heat setting and add the butter. When the butter has melted, pour the egg mixture into the pan. Let the egg set for 30-45 seconds before stirring gently with a spatula, carefully folding the mixture into itself. When the eggs are still soft and glistening, remove from heat and put onto a plate.
  4. Crumble the bacon over the eggs, add the diced avocado and some fresh crumbled goat cheese.


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